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At Craftsmen Contractors, we build integrity into every relationship, delivering high-quality results no matter the size of the project.

From roofing to siding, we offer a wide range of services designed to fulfill your vision for your home. Our siding, roofing, gutter, window, and insulation repair and replacement services are all backed by a money-back guarantee.

What our clients are saying:

“The work was done as they said it would. Complete clean up.”

“Any question that I had was explained to my satisfaction.”

“Craftsmen Contractors was professional. They were forward and honest with pricing and scheduling. The subcontractor showed up on time. He worked quickly and efficiently even though there was bad weather. The work was done right the first time.”

Cincinnati Roofing Company

Craftsmen Contractors is a roofing company that handles work on behalf of customers from all over the Cincinnati region. We’re prepared to take on installation, leak repair, and roof replacement jobs. Our work is monitored closely for quality, and you can rest assured that all materials we’ll use will be from trusted manufacturers.

Since getting started in 2010, we’ve earned excellent feedback from numerous customers. Our business has won the Angie’s List Super Service Award, and it has even been named an Elite Service provider by HomeAdvisor. We’re also proud to say we have an A+ rating with the BBB. If you’re looking for someone experienced to figure out what needs to be done with a roof, we encourage you to discuss your concerns with the roofing experts at Craftsmen.

Residential Roofing Repair and Replacement

Our team appreciates the importance of having a high-quality roof on a house, especially in an area that gets the range of weather that Cincinnati does. The equipment we use is suited to a number of applications, including roofing step and flat surfaces. Craftsmen Contractors is GAF and Energy Star-certified. We utilize materials from dependable companies, such as WeatherWatch, TigerPaw and eShield. You can also ask us about using products that come with warranties.

Our professionals are familiar with handling damage caused by:

  • Hail
  • Rain
  • Snow
  • Wind

We also provide our clients access to products that are rated to withstand gusts up to 120 mph. Our goal is to satisfy every customer, and to that end, we can see that your roof will be properly waterproofed. The job will be started promptly, and you can relax knowing we’ll have it done as rapidly as possible, too.

Anyone interested in the services we provide is invited to request an estimate free of charge. Our firm is committed to offering excellent customer support, and you can trust our team to handle all your questions in a friendly fashion. Right down to selecting materials for the job, we’ll help you get through each step of the process. Our approach is thorough, and people appreciate the high level of professionalism that does into all we do.

Leaking Roof Repair

The moment you see any signs of a leak in a roof, you should get in touch with a professional. A member of our staff will visit your place and determine where water might be getting into your home. We’ll then outline the list of potential solutions and help you decide how you’d like to move forward. Our roofers are able to handle:

  • Putting in rubber patches
  • Filling holes and cracks with tar and gravel
  • Applying epoxies
  • Coating surfaces

Roof Replacement Projects

If a problem is bad enough that we don’t believe a repair is a reasonable option, we can help you install a new roof. Our crew would be happy to assist you with tearing a roof down to the boards and decking, if necessary. We’ll reapply tarping, ventilation measures and drip edge to see that your fresh roof will be up to the challenges posed by the many seasons to come.

Our staff takes immense pride in maintaining a reputation for honesty and directness about projects. We have loads of industry experience, and we’ll see that your new roof will preserve the investment you have tied up in your entire home. This includes looking for indications of rot and water damage, and we’ll replace anything that doesn’t meet our strict standards. You’re also welcome to ask us about dealing with any problems with attached gutters.

The team at the Craftsmen Contractors is ready to come out to customers’ properties on all weekdays. If you have specific scheduling needs, we’ll make every effort to accommodate your requirements, too. We want to make sure you have a chance to get high-quality work done at a price that’ll be competitive. Give us a call today and let us know how we can provide you with our experienced roofing services.


Our high-quality Quantum2 Series vinyl windows provide state-of-the-art glass and frames for some of the best performance in the industry. They minimize heat transfer and block UV-rays to protect your home’s interior and to save energy.


Our double pane windows feature enhanced insulation, with Kevlar and krypton gas to keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. We also offer triple Mylar-insulated frames. These frames also help minimize heat transfer. Regardless, these windows are designed to make your life comfortable year round.


When you replace your windows with Craftsmen Contractors, you can rest easy knowing that our windows are warrantied against glass breakage. Regardless of fault, if your window breaks, we’ll fix it!


We specialize in blown-in, batt and spray foam insulation to make sure your home is optimally insulated. We’ll also help create an insulation plan for your home so that it stays at the temperature you want.

Minimize Heat Transfer

We recommend a radiant heat barrier, since it reflects 97% of radiant heat transfer. The rest of our insulation strategy includes:

  1. Analyzing your home’s current insulation situation
  2. Correcting any issues, making sure your home is up to code, and applying blown-in insulation where necessary
  3. Adding protection against radiant heat
  4. Helping you develop an energy use management plan

We help keep your house energy-efficient by addressing conductive, convective and radiant heat transfer with this insulation strategy.


We offer some of the best siding options in the greater Cincinnati area. Our specialties are vinyl, PVC and fiber cement siding, including foam-backed and insulated options.

Celect™ PVC

Celect™ PVC siding offers a natural wood appearance with great durability. Unlike wood siding, PVC siding will not warp, buckle or shift. It’s also almost entirely maintenance-free, meaning you won’t need to re-paint or re-caulk it. Celect™ is also sustainable: it’s reusable, 100% recyclable, and helps insulate your home to reduce energy bills.

HardiePlank Fiber Cement

HardiePlank fiber cement siding is an excellent long-term choice for your home. Not only does it look great, it also is backed by a 30-year warranty. In order to not void the warranty, the siding must be properly installed, and that’s why Craftsmen Contractors is a certified HardiePlank installer. We want to help you protect your siding investment while making your home look the best it can!

Haven™ Insulated Vinyl

If you’re looking for a vinyl siding that looks like real wood, but offers great energy efficiency and strength, look no further than Haven™ insulated vinyl siding. Haven™ helps insulate your home, reduce both your energy bills and noise! This is an excellent siding choice, featuring a range of colors and styles, as well as a Double Lifetime Warranty with hail protection.


Protect your home with the GutterMonster™ Gutter Guard Protection System. The system provides clog-free water management and dispersion year-round.


For great gutter support, high-quality gutter, and vented gutter covers, we use the GutterMonster™ system. Its patent-pending corner system distributes water along the roofline using special diverters. The system can handle torrential downpours, taking in ten (or more) inches of rain per hour. And to strengthen the system, GutterMonster™ uses MonsterHold™ to withstand snow and wind. GutterMonster™ also comes with a 25-year no-clog warranty: leaves and debris slide right over the top, so they don’t get into the gutter.

Repair Gutters

If gutter clogs have caused damage, we can replace soffit, fascia and roofing as needed and repair your gutters. We’ll also add GutterMonster™ protection to prevent future damage. If you are looking to prevent gutter clogs and the resulting issues, upgrade your gutters with GutterMonster™ today.