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Home Energy Grants

Renewable energy has become a huge trend in the United States, and for good reason: it reduces our need for fossil fuels and improves the health of the planet. However, while many people are taking interest in using renewable energy, such as solar power and hydroelectricity, to power their homes, it can be difficult for the average homeowner to put these green practices to use. Why? Because the cost can be exhaustive.
But there’s good news: thanks to federal and state grants, there’s a way for homeowners to make use of renewable energy without breaking the bank. In fact, incentives offered by the government have nearly quadrupled Americans use of renewable energy. Furthermore, these grants also support the use of energy-efficient building materials and improvements to homes. If you’re interested in reducing your carbon footprint in a cost-effective way, keep on reading to learn more about the home energy grants that are available and could help you save money while saving the planet.

Federal Home Energy Grants
The federal government offers grants that encourage homeowners to make use of technologies that support renewable energy. These technologies include solar power, wind power, geothermal heat, and tidal energy. Federal grants cover as much as 30 percent of the cost of renewable energy technologies. This program also offers an incentive for using renewable energy. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act fund these home energy grants.

State Grant Programs
Home energy grants are also provided by local governments on the state level. These grants offer homeowners incentives to install energy efficient products in their homes, such as insulation and lighting, as well improvements to their HVAC units. The amount offered by grants provided by local governments varies from state to state and city to city; for instance, in Anaheim, California, homeowners can receive up to $5,000 in grants and up to $60,000 in loans (with an interest rate of 3 percent.)

Making Use of Home Energy Grants
If you are interested in utilizing energy efficient products and renewable resources in your home and would like to learn more about the available grants that can assist you with financing these products and resources, contact the US Department of Energy or your state’s energy department. You can also contact us and we can assist you with acquiring the necessary information, as well as with finding renewable resources that you can utilize in your home.