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Radiant Shield: What Is It and How Does It Work?

If you’ve ever gone into your attic on a summer day, you probably noticed how hot the space was. In fact, you probably felt the heat blast you before you even step food into your attic. In fact, an attic can quickly reach temperatures above 140 degrees during the summer. That’s hot!
When your attic is that hot, it stands to reason that the rest of your house will heat up, too. That’s why you should consider installing Radiant Shield insulation in your home.

What is Radiant Shield Insulation?
Radiant Shield is a cutting-edge form of insulation. It’s comprised of a polyethylene material, which has been cross-woven, and it features a layer of aluminum. The design of this insulation allows it to reflect radiant heat by as much as 94 percent! It’s a lightweight insulation that is highly durable and is easy to install.
Radiant Shield can be either single- or double-sided. It can also be perforated to allow for air-flow, or non-perforated and serve as a vapor barrier.

What is Radiant Heat?
Radiant heat is created by the sun. When the sun shines down on your roof, it naturally heats up the roofing material, and then pushes through into your attic. As it makes its way into the attic, the insulation retains the heat. Eventually, that heat pushes into your home, increasing the temperature and reducing the comfort. As radiant heat spreads throughout your house, you’re likely going to lower the thermostat to get some relief. The lower the thermostat is, the harder your HVAC system has to work. And, if any ducts for your air conditioning system run through your attic space, they will be exposed to the radiant heat, which means that they will have to work even harder to keep your house cool.

Reasons to Install Radiant Shield Insulation
Since Radiant Shield insulation can reflect a significant amount of radiant heat, it can help to prevent your home from becoming excessively hot. As such, it not only maintains the comfort of your home, but it also reduces your energy bills. When you’re home retains a more consistent temperature, less demand will be placed on your HVAC system, which can lead to a significant decrease in your energy use.

Learn More About Radiant Shield
To find out more about Radiant Shield and the benefits of this insulation, contact us today! We will gladly explain the advantages of this cutting-edge insulation product and how it can benefit your home.